Friday, September 26, 2008

Babysitting Adventures with Nana

Today we went to the the West Jordan Park with Nana. She has Carson and Rylee all weekend because Adam is racing and Taryn is at the Trade Show selling stuff for her business. The park was really neat. It is like an old western set that they get to play on. Nana is a little paranoid, so we left after not to long because she kept losing them :-) Ha ha love you mom. Then we went to feed the ducks, but the parks rec person was there and a huge sign that said "Dont feed the Ducks!"

Also, the other day nana took the grandkids to see the witches at Gardner Village. From the looks of the pictures, it looks pretty dange fun and great opportunity for pictures. We are going to all go back there as a family before it is over. Man Nana has had her hands full this week. But I bet she would say that she loved every minute... because I know they did.

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Levi and Meg said...

That very top picture of Skylar is so funny!