Friday, September 26, 2008

Fishin in MillCreek Canyon

Yesterday we took the boys up Millcreek Canyon to go fishing. It was Skylar's first time fishing... or shall I say spectating fishing. We went up with our friend Mario and had a KFC picnic. I don't know how many times Kayden snagged his line, but I guess he was doing his job. We also almost walked over a rattle snake. We heard a weird noise and so we looked down... and to our surprise there was a rattle snake in attack mode about 3 feet away from us. I freaked and Tyler grabbed a huge rock and threw it at him. It took him like 4 tries, but he finally got it. They cut the rattle off and kept it. Boys will be boys!

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Taryn said...

So it looks like your addicted to blogging. My sister makes fun of me cause I blog right after I get done doing something and it looks like you're the same way LOL! Loads of fun at the track and up fishin! Gotta keep movin so ya don't get bored huh? I was sad to hear about lil' Sky! I will pray for you and hope for the best too!