Friday, September 26, 2008

Update on Skylar's Heart

Today we went back to Dr. Mart, which is skylar's cardiologist, to see how he is doing. He had an Echocardiogram and an electrocardiogram done. Both of Skylar's holes in his heart are unchanged and problematic for him. He is still taking Lasix and Enalapril to manage his heart failure. I am also loading him with breast milk with extra formula and fruits and vegetables. Regardless of our efforts, Sky is still not gaining weight. He is almost seven months old and only weighs 15 lbs. Where do we go from here? In a month we will go to Primary Children's and have him go under anaesthesia to get another echocardiogram. This allows the doctors to get perfect images of Sky's heart without him moving around. Those of you that know Sky on a day to day basis, KNOW that he is not one to sit still. He is our little busy body. After they get the results, Dr. Mart will take these images and present his case to all of the cardiologists at Primary Children's. They will then plan the surgery for Skylar, which will be in the 2-3 weeks following the meeting. This type of heart defect requires the surgeon to crack open the chest and the heart. He will be in the ICU for a few days, considering there are no complications, and then on the cardiothoracic unit for a few days. We all hope that this hole closes before the sedated echo. If it does, then no surgery!!! But we'll prepare for the worst and hope for the best. We'll keep you all updated.

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Katrina said...

Hey guys, My thoughts are with you. I hope everything works out for the best. I am sending you some positive vibes :)