Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Pumpkin Bash

Well I didn't think that we were going to get to carve pumpkins this year, but we did it last minute. It was really fun too. We carved at Taryns house. Taryn and Ry did a bat, Tyler and Kayden a fish, Me and Skylar a baby's 1st pumpkin, and Nana and Carson an old fashioned original pumpkin face. We managed to not be too messy too. Which is amazing considering we had four kids 5 and under. Well.... Happy Halloween!

Primary Children's Echo

Today we went for Skylar's cardiac surgery work-up. He had a sedated echocardiogram, electrocardiogram, and a chest xray. One of the techs explained these tests well. If you were to consider a house, the echocardiogram is the plumbing because you look at the blood flow in the heart. And the electrocardiogram is the electricity, because you look at the electrical conduction in the heart. And the chest xray is just to see how much his left side has enlarged. Well everything went as expected today. It was so sad seeing him cry after getting an IV. And was so crazy to see him get medications that made him drunk. It was so funny though, he was all loopy and I said "hi baby" and he gave me this drunk chuckle. After all of the tests, we met with our cardiologist. The surgery is to be during the first or second week of December. We need to get mama through finals with school and then they will do it. Otherwise I think I may have a nervous breakdown LOL.
I guess some of you are wondering how they are planning to repair this defect. They will go in through the chest and put his body on cardiac bypass. His heart cannot be moving when they repair it because he would bleed out through the incision, so that is the reasoning behind the bypass. Then they will make an incision through the right atrium (the right upper chamber of the heart) and go through the tricuspid valve and sew a patch over the hole (VSD). With the PFO they will just throw a stitch to close it because it is so small. From start to finish, the surgery will probably take at least 6 hours. When he comes out, he will be in the pediatric intensive care and will have a nurse that has only him as her patient which I am extremely happy about. He will be on a ventilator, have chest tubes, arterial line to constantly monitor his BP (which is just a huge IV line), a central line (which is an IV that has tubing go straight to his heart), peripheral IV's, and all of the monitoring equipment. He will be in the PICU for about 2 days and they will slowly take everything out as he gets better. The ventilator will probably only stay in for a few hours. So if you come to see him, have this picture in your head so that you aren't scared or shocked. This surgery sounds very scary, but just know that they get better very fast and live normal healthy lives. He will have to go to a cardiologist for a work up every 2-3 years for the rest of his life though. Have any questions, let me know. We'll let you know as soon as we know the date...

Skylar's "echo" Blessing

As you all know, Skylar is getting very close to his heart surgery. My family decided to give him a blessing the night before his echo that he had today. My brother and everyone else in my family are such great support. Thanks Adam, Grandpa Merritt, Dustin, and Cory for blessing Skylar. It was a great experience and I truly believe that Skylar has lots of angels looking over him at this time.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

All Geared Up for Winter

So today Grandpa Sanchez came and spoiled Skylar with some winter clothes. He got him a jacket with a beanie and gloves. And also a jean jacket for when its not quite cold enough for the yellow jacket. He looked so cute in them I couldn't help but take him outside on his swing and have a photo session. Here are a few pictures that I took.

I love his cute little smile.

Precious little boy.

And here was Kayden a few weeks ago all excited for cold weather. Nice floods bud. Looks like we need to get you some new gear. Haha

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cornbelly's Corn Maze 2008

Today my family went with Grandpa and grandma and my brother's family to Cornbelly's Corn Maze at Thanksgiving Pointe. It was such a beautiful day and there was so much to do there. The pictures above are of us watching the pig races. Both Carson and Kayden got to have a pig that they raced...

Then of course we couldn't hold ourselves back from taking pictures with all of the cute decorations that they had to offer...

All of the boys then raced bicycle go carts and then Ry ry played teatherball. Skylar thought that the teatherball was pretty fun.

Towards the end we got the kids faces painted. Carson was the Hulk, Ry Ry got a butterfly, and Kayden was a dragon.... Rarrr!!! It was also pretty funny, the one picture of Adam and Skylar was of him biting his nose. Adam said it almost brought tears to his eyes.... wussy!

Then Ty and I decided to measure up. He always teases me how short I am. I guess I really am just a nic above five feet... so what does that make you tyty? Lil Sky is only 2feet and Ry 3 feet.

This last picture was my favorite and deserved to be really big. My boys are so handsome and look so much alike. It was a really fun day. Thanks grandma and grandpa. You really know how to get the kids to have fun.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gardner Village 2008

Tonight my family, mom, Taryn, Carson and Rylee went to Gardner Village to ride the ponies and pet the farm animals. There was a donkey there that kept going crazy. It was pretty funny and the kids loved it. Even Skylar got to ride his first pony ever.

After we petted the animals, we went and walked through the village. I had a had that was calling my name. I know I know... I guess I really am a witch at heart. Skylar just loved the spiders.

The bottom picture he was so cold and awnry, but mommy wanted a picture by a witch. Good think my baby loves me so much! It was a good night out with the family.

Who Forgot the Cake?

We went to get some ice out of the freezer the other day and realized that we hadn't had our cake yet. Ooops! There goes the first tradition out the door.... Heck no! We did it anyways. It was fun. Although this time Tyler really did shove it in my face. Gotta love him, the little turd.

Stairs Already!

Well the doctors told me at the beginning that my son would probably be a little slower than the other kids because of his heart defect.... Well let me just tell you. They were wrong!!! Oh so wrong! Skylar has already mastered crawling, he is now climbing stairs and pulling himself up to stand. We are so proud of how fast he is developing. Although he is quite a hand full...

Monday, October 20, 2008

Nana's Family 2008

My mom's side of the family went and had Taryn's (my sister-in-law) sister take our pictures up Millcreek Canyon. They turned out really good. Even though I was being a stress case. Thanks Wendy bird.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

New Kids Pictures

Last night we went to Sears to get some pictures done. My mom told me that the coupon was for JC Penneys, but it was really for Sears... silly her. It was quite the challenge, being seven o'clock at night, but I am really happy with how they turned out. I hope that you all like them. I won't get them for 1-2 weeks, and then I'll be sending them out. If their is a certain one you want, let me know...

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One Year Anniversary 10-14-08

Well yesterday was the BIG 1 Year Anniversary. I think that it was the perfect day. It started off with a door bell ring and a delivery of a dozen beautiful red roses. Then I went to lunch with my mom and Kaylee... and to my surprise Kaylee and I had been treated to a pedicure, compliments of my hubby. Then that night, Tyler surprised me by taking me to dinner at Log Haven, which cleverly happened to be up Millcreek Canyon where we got married a year ago. It was the yummiest food ever. We both got a delicious spinach, bacon, and vinaigrette salad and then a ribeye and mashed potatoes. It was definately delicious. He also finally found a wine that I like. It was a white Riesling. After dinner we went and reminisced at Millcreek Inn where we were actually married. We walked up on the alter and He read me a poem that he had written for me. It was the most tenderest moment ever. We ended the night with both being sick and falling asleep in eachother's arms. Thanks Ty for such a perfect day, I love you.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Live the Live You Love, Love the Life You Live.

Wow. Lately I have noticed that I have fallen onto the pitty wagon that many fortunate Americans find themselves on. My life has drastically changed over the last year and so just lately I have taken the time to re-evaluate my life. Sorry mom for complaining so much lately. I want to tell my family and friends things I love about my life and things I am going to work on.

Something in my life that I love is...

1. My husband. I will admit we have had some ups and downs this last year, but I truly believe that we love eachother more than anything. I am so fortunate to finally be out of the dating/bar/partying scene and be home with the person I love. He thinks that I am the most beautiful woman in the world, or at least that is how he makes me feel. I love him for all of the butterflies he puts in my stomach.

2. My kids. I love so much that I have two beautiful boys that love me. Even though kayden is my step-son, he loves me like a real parent. Sometimes he just glances over at me and says "Jennie, I love you" and ALWAYS makes sure that he gives me a hug before I go to work at night. Skylar is also my big joy. I don't think that I have had one day in his whole 7 1/2 months of being where I haven't laughed or smiled.

3. My health. I am a relatively healthy person. I am able to do any type of activity with my family and I am able to work full time, school full time and family full time. I am so so so grateful for my health, because believe me, I have seen some bad health problems...

4. My mother. I think that my mother is honestly the greatest woman in the world. She is definately the number one person I vent to. I think it is because she knows exactly how I am, and in some crazy way she understands me. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, she is right there to help me with laundry, running errands, taking care of sky, cleaning my house, getting my car an oil change, and being a shoulder to cry on. Oh and not to mention the help she has given me during school. She is truly my little blessing.

5. My family overall. I can truthfully say that I have one of the best families ever! My family isn't the fighting family. If we have a concern we speak it and are always willing to help each other out. There isn't a day that goes by where each one of them doesn't run through my head at least once.

6. Kaylee!!!! Kaylee!!! Kaylee!!! All of you that know us, know that we are siblings seperated at birth. We have this amazing connection, that I don't have with too many people. We laugh, cry, grow, and love eachother very much. She is loved by my entire family. I seriously talk to her everyday and am so grateful that I have a great friend like her.

7. My puppies. No matter how mad I get at Rex, he is always there to come and give me loves. And Foxy, she is just my little baby. Sorry I've neglected you so...

8. My brain. That sounds pretty funny, but I am so grateful that I am smart and that I am able to take myself to where I have always dreamed. Not many people can honestly say that they have almost reached their dreams. I start my doctorate program next year at the U of U, if I get accepted, and that is the last educational milestone I have. And an added goal I have is to major in Spanish, but that is later...

AND some things I want to work on are...

1. Learning how to cook and actually cooking for my family.
2. Keeping the house clean everyday and staying up on laundry.
3. Taking time away from the computer and away from thoughts of school and giving my family my undivided attention for at least 2 hours a night.
4. Controlling my temper... yikes.
5. Telling Tyler something I love about him every day.
6. Not procrastinating on doing schoolwork, like I am right now.
7. Going to the gym at least 3-4 times a week to boost my self esteem. And to lose the arm fat LOL.
8. Telling myself something good about myself at least once a day.
9. Giving my kids a hug and making sure they know I love them.
10. And giving Foxy some loves every night.... okay and Rex.
11. Oh and the most important, don't say anything mean about people I don't like... replace it with silence or something nice.

Well, thanks for lending me your eyes and ears. Love you all. I hope that this encourages you to write things that you love about your life and things you are willing to work on. Loves.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

All About Kayden

This post is ALL about our lil' man Kayden. He was tagged by his cousin Carson. So now it is his turn to shine. We are suppose to say five things that we love about him.... So 1) We think one of the best things about kayden is that he is absolutely FEARLESS! He will try just about anything, unless we are talking about food. He always rides every ride at the amusement parks that he can, even Tower of Terror! He loves all types of animals (even scary ones) and is a mad man on the 4 wheeler. 2) We love his spontaneous personality. He is always down to do anything that involves activity. He loves sports, fishing, hunting, and riding anything with wheels (especially his 4 wheeler). 3) We love his super caring personality. He is always so protective of his littler brother Skylar. He has never been jealous of Sky, he's actually always wanted him right by his side. We have to constantly tell him that Sky is just a baby and can't do everything. I think that if skylar came with straps he would wear him like a backpack. 4) Kay is Daddy's best friend. He is always right there to help daddy with anything that he needs. When dad goes golfing, fishing, hunting or just to the store, Kayden wants to be right there with him. He constantly says "Dad... I love you!" I think that is the most tender thing ever. 5) He loves his pet water dragon!!! Oh my goodness does he love him. The first thing he wants to do when he walks in the door is hold him or feed him. We love that we are able to get him a pet that he actually loves and cares about. He has shown a lot of responsibility with his lil' buddy as he likes to refer to him.
Disclaimer: I can not sum up something so miraculous - but at least I tried.

We love Kayden more than anything. And if you know our family, you know that our family comes first and always! We are so proud of him with his accomplishments in school, sports, and home life. He is our lil' helper.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Getting Into Trouble

SO IT HAS BEGUN!!! Mommy was doing her homework at the computer desk... as always! And lil' Sky wanted to do what mommy was doing, but on his FACE! I just had to snap a picture because I am sure this is not the last time. But it came off with just one swipe of a wet wipe. Awesome.
AND THEN. This morning I was working at the computer, go figure, and I heard a splashing sound on the tile. Lil' Sky found daddy's milk from the night before, EW, and tipped it and thought that it was to play in. Notice his ENTIRE body is in it. Well he needed a bath anyways, so he definately got one. Oh and Rex was right on it helping him clean it up. Hopefully he doesn't get sick from spoiled milk. Ooops!
This is his "I'm Caught" face. I couldn't help but laugh.

Crazy Boys!

Well to our amazement this morning... we found Kayden and Skylar on the top bunk of Kayden's bed. He-man dragged him all the way up there. Well I guess it was pretty funny because no one got hurt, but we definately made him aware that it is not safe to EVER do it again. Dang boys. I think that we are going to have our hands full.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

How To Comment on the Blogs

A few peeps in my family have asked how to comment... At the bottom of each post where it says the date and time there is also a link that says (# comment). Click on the comments icon and type your message. At the bottom of the comments box there are a few options to choose from. If you are not a blog member, just click the one that says name/url and type your name so I know who's comment it is. And then post it. It's that easy. It is so fun reading your guys' thoughts on the different blogs. Just as fun as it is for you to see pics and read new blogs. Hope that helps.

Halloween Preview

So I decided that I need to figure out what Skylar is going to be for Halloween this year because I am going to get his 7 Month pictures done this week. So we decided to try on costumes.... well I only got to one costume and we loved it. I think that skylar is going to be a spider. We wanted to find a fish since he is a pisces, but were unsuccessful in that department. You all know how indecisive I am, so what he will really be on Halloween 2008 will be a surprise. Look how stinkin cute he is...
ALSO FYI he is having his sedated echo on October 30th. I will keep you all posted on his surgery date to come....

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Family Updates

I just thought that I would give an update on each of our lives...
Tyler is doing good overall... I think that he is wanting to do a little more with his life career wise, but I told him "Let's get me through school first, and then you can do whatever your little heart desires". He is also being a great little daddy, since mommy works graveyards 3 nights a week. So lucky him, he gets to get up with Skylar on those nights. Tyler is also excited for the duck hunting season, I think that they are going next weekend. Other than that... same ol' same ol'. Ya know. Getting excited for snowboarding season! Yay Jennie's not pregnant so I can go this year.

As for me, I have a ton going on in my life that is same ol' same ol', but also new. I am finishing up my Bachelor's degree in Nursing at WSU. I just got notified last week that I got a full ride scholarship for the 08-09 school year. Pretty psyched about that. I am also getting my application together for the Doctorate of Nurse Practitionary program at the U of U that is due January 15th. I have half of it done and turned in. I'm pretty nervous about this. I will find out in March if I am accepted, so keep your fingers crossed. That means 3 more years of school for me :-( School, school, school, work, mommy, and family is what my life is all about right now! Although I think that i don't do enough school right now. Oops!

Kayden started kindergarten this year, so he is just starting to get the hang of homework and going everyday. He doesn't really like doing homework at all!! But we make sure he does it every night before dinner. He is learning to write his alphabet right now. Go kay!
And I just posted about sky. We go to get his sedated echo in about 3 weeks, so we'll keep you all posted on his status.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Skylar is 7 Months TODAY!

I CANNOT believe how fast time flies. Skylar was born 7 months ago today. Man I could have almost gone through a whole other pregnancy by now haha. He is such a bundle of energy. He is learning to crawl and has almost gotten it. He has taken one spill that left a mark, poor black eye. I guess this is the age when the boo boo's start to happen. He is also babbling ALOT! His favorite babble is "mamamama". I tell Tyler that he is saying mama and that it is his first word. Whenever he is sad, he says mama. Anywho. Skylar's new thing is spitting with his lips closed. You know where it almost makes bubbles come out their mouth. OH and he LOVES to wake mama up by yanking my hair as hard as he can. I don't like it as much as him. And one more thing... a story. So daddy decided we better put the door up to our basement because skylar is so mobile. Well I went to go make him a bottle, and he is backing up through the cat door that goes to our basement. The little turd. He found the cat door and that is his new hang out. I mean Foxy hasn't even discovered that little trap door yet. The little smarty pants.

Kaylee's 24th Birthday

Tonight our group of friends went out for my best friend Kaylee's 24th Birthday. We started out at the restaurant I Love Sushi on about 3rd south and State. It was really yummy. I got a spider roll because it was COOKED! And then we all tried saki bombs. These consist of Saki and Sapporro. They're pretty fun. You set the shot on the chop sticks over the beer and scream "Saki" and pound the table with your fist and the shot drops in the glass and you have to drink it. It got a little loud. Then we went to Port-O-Call, a first for me. It was fun, Ty and me haven't gone dancing for a while. Kaylee was our lil' sex kitten, that's how we like to refer to her, the guys always go wild over her. She is a sexy lil' dancer. And then we ended the night at Dee's Restaurant to unwind. I think that they wanted to kick us out because we were all so loud. Oh man Carrie had a laugh ATTACK! I don't remember why. I hope Kaylee had a good birthday celebration. Love you girl. Also thanks nana for watching Sky until the wee hours of the morning. Love you too!

P.S. Kaylee is a BEAUTIFUL, young, smart, motivated, sexy, blonde that is very SINGLE! If you think that you are worthy of this bodacious beauty let me know. Haha