Sunday, October 12, 2008

All About Kayden

This post is ALL about our lil' man Kayden. He was tagged by his cousin Carson. So now it is his turn to shine. We are suppose to say five things that we love about him.... So 1) We think one of the best things about kayden is that he is absolutely FEARLESS! He will try just about anything, unless we are talking about food. He always rides every ride at the amusement parks that he can, even Tower of Terror! He loves all types of animals (even scary ones) and is a mad man on the 4 wheeler. 2) We love his spontaneous personality. He is always down to do anything that involves activity. He loves sports, fishing, hunting, and riding anything with wheels (especially his 4 wheeler). 3) We love his super caring personality. He is always so protective of his littler brother Skylar. He has never been jealous of Sky, he's actually always wanted him right by his side. We have to constantly tell him that Sky is just a baby and can't do everything. I think that if skylar came with straps he would wear him like a backpack. 4) Kay is Daddy's best friend. He is always right there to help daddy with anything that he needs. When dad goes golfing, fishing, hunting or just to the store, Kayden wants to be right there with him. He constantly says "Dad... I love you!" I think that is the most tender thing ever. 5) He loves his pet water dragon!!! Oh my goodness does he love him. The first thing he wants to do when he walks in the door is hold him or feed him. We love that we are able to get him a pet that he actually loves and cares about. He has shown a lot of responsibility with his lil' buddy as he likes to refer to him.
Disclaimer: I can not sum up something so miraculous - but at least I tried.

We love Kayden more than anything. And if you know our family, you know that our family comes first and always! We are so proud of him with his accomplishments in school, sports, and home life. He is our lil' helper.

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Anonymous said...

Kayden is adorable!!!!!! I love the pics nd the 'update' emails. Keep them coming.

Rae Rae