Saturday, October 25, 2008

Cornbelly's Corn Maze 2008

Today my family went with Grandpa and grandma and my brother's family to Cornbelly's Corn Maze at Thanksgiving Pointe. It was such a beautiful day and there was so much to do there. The pictures above are of us watching the pig races. Both Carson and Kayden got to have a pig that they raced...

Then of course we couldn't hold ourselves back from taking pictures with all of the cute decorations that they had to offer...

All of the boys then raced bicycle go carts and then Ry ry played teatherball. Skylar thought that the teatherball was pretty fun.

Towards the end we got the kids faces painted. Carson was the Hulk, Ry Ry got a butterfly, and Kayden was a dragon.... Rarrr!!! It was also pretty funny, the one picture of Adam and Skylar was of him biting his nose. Adam said it almost brought tears to his eyes.... wussy!

Then Ty and I decided to measure up. He always teases me how short I am. I guess I really am just a nic above five feet... so what does that make you tyty? Lil Sky is only 2feet and Ry 3 feet.

This last picture was my favorite and deserved to be really big. My boys are so handsome and look so much alike. It was a really fun day. Thanks grandma and grandpa. You really know how to get the kids to have fun.

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