Thursday, October 23, 2008

Gardner Village 2008

Tonight my family, mom, Taryn, Carson and Rylee went to Gardner Village to ride the ponies and pet the farm animals. There was a donkey there that kept going crazy. It was pretty funny and the kids loved it. Even Skylar got to ride his first pony ever.

After we petted the animals, we went and walked through the village. I had a had that was calling my name. I know I know... I guess I really am a witch at heart. Skylar just loved the spiders.

The bottom picture he was so cold and awnry, but mommy wanted a picture by a witch. Good think my baby loves me so much! It was a good night out with the family.

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nana said...

That was fun. We need to plan fun activities for the kids all the time. To bad the hayride was not going....cute nana