Saturday, October 4, 2008

Kaylee's 24th Birthday

Tonight our group of friends went out for my best friend Kaylee's 24th Birthday. We started out at the restaurant I Love Sushi on about 3rd south and State. It was really yummy. I got a spider roll because it was COOKED! And then we all tried saki bombs. These consist of Saki and Sapporro. They're pretty fun. You set the shot on the chop sticks over the beer and scream "Saki" and pound the table with your fist and the shot drops in the glass and you have to drink it. It got a little loud. Then we went to Port-O-Call, a first for me. It was fun, Ty and me haven't gone dancing for a while. Kaylee was our lil' sex kitten, that's how we like to refer to her, the guys always go wild over her. She is a sexy lil' dancer. And then we ended the night at Dee's Restaurant to unwind. I think that they wanted to kick us out because we were all so loud. Oh man Carrie had a laugh ATTACK! I don't remember why. I hope Kaylee had a good birthday celebration. Love you girl. Also thanks nana for watching Sky until the wee hours of the morning. Love you too!

P.S. Kaylee is a BEAUTIFUL, young, smart, motivated, sexy, blonde that is very SINGLE! If you think that you are worthy of this bodacious beauty let me know. Haha

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