Monday, October 20, 2008

Nana's Family 2008

My mom's side of the family went and had Taryn's (my sister-in-law) sister take our pictures up Millcreek Canyon. They turned out really good. Even though I was being a stress case. Thanks Wendy bird.


mom said...

I think they all turned out so good! We are so lucky to have such a wonderful you all...nana

Taryn said...

These look great! I was hoping that you liked em!

Anonymous said...

Hi guys!

WOW these look like they were a lot of fun. . . and they make me miss fall. We have no fall in SD but its all good because we have sandy beach ALL YEAR LONG!

Love the pics, especially the one of you four...Sky's face is so funny... uh-buhhhh lol
Rae Rae