Wednesday, October 15, 2008

One Year Anniversary 10-14-08

Well yesterday was the BIG 1 Year Anniversary. I think that it was the perfect day. It started off with a door bell ring and a delivery of a dozen beautiful red roses. Then I went to lunch with my mom and Kaylee... and to my surprise Kaylee and I had been treated to a pedicure, compliments of my hubby. Then that night, Tyler surprised me by taking me to dinner at Log Haven, which cleverly happened to be up Millcreek Canyon where we got married a year ago. It was the yummiest food ever. We both got a delicious spinach, bacon, and vinaigrette salad and then a ribeye and mashed potatoes. It was definately delicious. He also finally found a wine that I like. It was a white Riesling. After dinner we went and reminisced at Millcreek Inn where we were actually married. We walked up on the alter and He read me a poem that he had written for me. It was the most tenderest moment ever. We ended the night with both being sick and falling asleep in eachother's arms. Thanks Ty for such a perfect day, I love you.


Taryn said...

How wonderful! Happy Anniversary! But I'm pretty sure that the second to last sentence isn't true :)

Katrina said...

Congrats on making through the year, you guys will have many more to come. Hope all is well. Love Katrina

Anonymous said...

WOW! you two are most definitely the Sexiest couple in Salt Lake! Wow you guys look great. Glad you both had a good time.. Great thinking Ty! pedicures for the wifey and freind!?!?! Very thoughtful.
Love you BOTH
Rae Rae