Thursday, October 30, 2008

Primary Children's Echo

Today we went for Skylar's cardiac surgery work-up. He had a sedated echocardiogram, electrocardiogram, and a chest xray. One of the techs explained these tests well. If you were to consider a house, the echocardiogram is the plumbing because you look at the blood flow in the heart. And the electrocardiogram is the electricity, because you look at the electrical conduction in the heart. And the chest xray is just to see how much his left side has enlarged. Well everything went as expected today. It was so sad seeing him cry after getting an IV. And was so crazy to see him get medications that made him drunk. It was so funny though, he was all loopy and I said "hi baby" and he gave me this drunk chuckle. After all of the tests, we met with our cardiologist. The surgery is to be during the first or second week of December. We need to get mama through finals with school and then they will do it. Otherwise I think I may have a nervous breakdown LOL.
I guess some of you are wondering how they are planning to repair this defect. They will go in through the chest and put his body on cardiac bypass. His heart cannot be moving when they repair it because he would bleed out through the incision, so that is the reasoning behind the bypass. Then they will make an incision through the right atrium (the right upper chamber of the heart) and go through the tricuspid valve and sew a patch over the hole (VSD). With the PFO they will just throw a stitch to close it because it is so small. From start to finish, the surgery will probably take at least 6 hours. When he comes out, he will be in the pediatric intensive care and will have a nurse that has only him as her patient which I am extremely happy about. He will be on a ventilator, have chest tubes, arterial line to constantly monitor his BP (which is just a huge IV line), a central line (which is an IV that has tubing go straight to his heart), peripheral IV's, and all of the monitoring equipment. He will be in the PICU for about 2 days and they will slowly take everything out as he gets better. The ventilator will probably only stay in for a few hours. So if you come to see him, have this picture in your head so that you aren't scared or shocked. This surgery sounds very scary, but just know that they get better very fast and live normal healthy lives. He will have to go to a cardiologist for a work up every 2-3 years for the rest of his life though. Have any questions, let me know. We'll let you know as soon as we know the date...

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nana said...

Oh my little buddy. He is so precious.I still pray a miracle will happen and he will not need it but I know he will go through it fine if he does cause he has the love and support from all of us.....nana