Saturday, October 4, 2008

Skylar is 7 Months TODAY!

I CANNOT believe how fast time flies. Skylar was born 7 months ago today. Man I could have almost gone through a whole other pregnancy by now haha. He is such a bundle of energy. He is learning to crawl and has almost gotten it. He has taken one spill that left a mark, poor black eye. I guess this is the age when the boo boo's start to happen. He is also babbling ALOT! His favorite babble is "mamamama". I tell Tyler that he is saying mama and that it is his first word. Whenever he is sad, he says mama. Anywho. Skylar's new thing is spitting with his lips closed. You know where it almost makes bubbles come out their mouth. OH and he LOVES to wake mama up by yanking my hair as hard as he can. I don't like it as much as him. And one more thing... a story. So daddy decided we better put the door up to our basement because skylar is so mobile. Well I went to go make him a bottle, and he is backing up through the cat door that goes to our basement. The little turd. He found the cat door and that is his new hang out. I mean Foxy hasn't even discovered that little trap door yet. The little smarty pants.

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