Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween 2008

My family had such a fun Halloween this year. Since Kayden started kindergarten we went to his school parade that morning. We didn't have kayden this year, so this is the only picture we got of him. He decided a the last minute to be a vampire because he couldn't wear his motocross mask at school. Skylar was a giraffe during the day, which was Carson's first costume, because the spider was too warm.

That night we went to my brothers house to go trick or treating. Taryn and pop were insane clowns and scared the crap out of all the older kids. Taryn got such a kick out of it. We wouldn't let Sky look at them because it would freak him out.

Here is a picture of "part" of my cute family. I was Little Red Riding Hood, Tyler was Dr. Seamore Busch Gynecologist, and Skylar was a spider. I think that Tyler pulled off the hot doctor quite well. Although I don't know about really being married to a gynocologist... AWKWARD lol.

Then later that night we met up with some of our friends and went to the Huka Bar. We had a lot of fun dancing and celebrating until the wee hours...

Kaylee was a sexy little postal worker...

We had a lot of fun with our friends. It's good to get out once in a while and let loose. Thanks nana for letting Sky hang out with you.

The End!!!

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Taryn said...

What a fun Halloween this year! I'm so glad that the weather was warm and we didn't have to cover up too much :) lol