Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Baby is 8 Months TODAY!

I just wanted to do a post about my little baby Skylar today. He was born 8 months ago today. Time has flown by so so fast. He is just growing like a weed. Ty and I really could not imagine life without him and truly believe that he is the most handsome and beautiful baby eva LOL! But seriously. New things that he learned this past month was pulling himself to a stand and climbing stairs. The cardiologists thought his defect would slow him down, boy were they wrong. He still babbles mamamamama. I'm his favorite... but don't let ty know, it might hurt his feelings :-) We are patiently awaiting his surgery. We love him so much and know that he will bounce back like a champ. Love you baby.

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nana said...

That is so sweet! Sky is 8 months and Papa is 83! I love being able to tend him and spend so much time with him,he is such a good little boy. Before i know it he will be saying nanananana!!!!!....love ya buddy