Monday, December 22, 2008

Gram's Christmas Party

This weekend was our Christmas Party at Gram's house in Scipio. We have decided that it is much more fun and easier on the boys if we spend the night down there. We stayed up pretty late playing Tony Hawk on the Nintendo 64, but of course Ty and Kayden couldn't beat me. ha ha ha. Then on Sunday everyone arrived and we ate, sang, played bingo and dice, and finally opened presents. It was a good weekend. The boys made out pretty good. Even got money jars that count for you... It is also such a small world and our good friend mario was down with his girlfriend visiting their family. Our party was at the same time their's was, so unfortunately we didn't get to go sledding with the Clidesdale (spelled wrong I'm sure) horses. Maybe next time. Thanks for such a great weekend Gram and Papi.

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