Friday, December 19, 2008

KayDen'S ChRistMAs ProgRaM

Today we went and saw Kayden's kindergarten class sing Rudolph the Rednose Reindeer and Jingle Bells. He did so good, he didn't do the hand motions, but at least he sang. He has his daddy's shyness. It is so crazy to realize how big he is getting. He is also getting very good at sounding out words, I'm sure that reading is right around the corner. No more spelling things out in front of him, because now he will U-N-D-E-R-S-T-A-N-D.
He is middle row, seventh in from the left


Taryn said...

Cute! That takes me back...way back- to when I used to have to sing in school.

Levi and Meg said...

Cute glasses Lady!

Anonymous said...

WOW Kayden looks so happy!?!?!? Leos are meant for the stage, I wish I could have been there.
Rae Rae