Friday, December 12, 2008

Our night in PICU

Wow! What a night we had. Yes mom has still not slept... okay I lie, I fell asleep for about 45 minutes at 9 this morning. Well we got the breathing tube out at 1am and he did so well that he had his oxygen taken off a few hours later. They have already pulled the urinary catheter. Although he will keep his pacer wires and chest drain for a few days. The only problem we have had is keeping his pain under control and keeping him comfortable. He is a belly sleeper and of course cannot sleep on his belly. He is so resilient to this surgery that he gave us a scare last night. He decided quick to roll to his belly and almost pulled out his central line, chest drain, and ventilator. Talk about my heart dropping. Well I think that we are out of the woods and we will be transferring to the heart floor around 4pm today. Then we won't have visitor restrictions and mom will have a couch bed, yay! But most importantly Skylar will have peace and quiet. As many of you probably don't know, the PICU is a completely open unit with about 43 beds. Kids crying, alarms beeping, and people chit chatting. It will be nice to have a private room. Feel free to come visit him.... only if you are well!!!!
P.S. Take a close look at the small small pictures. Breast milk galore!!!! Go healthy skylar :-)

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