Thursday, December 11, 2008

Out of Surgery

Here is my lovely family and friends waiting with me. I don't know what I would do without you.

Well Sky got out of surgery at 7pm. He is doing really well. He has a chest drain, IV's, a catheter, heart monitors, IV drips, oxygen monitor, and is still on the breathing machine. As scary and as sad as it looks, he is doing really good. He has tried to wake up a few times, but not all the way yet. As soon as he does, the breathing tube will come out. Mommy and daddy have a long night ahead of them. I will update you again tomorrow. Thanks for all your support.
Here is a video of my baby sleeping peacefully. Just press play and make sure you mute the music on the side.



Taryn said...

You, Ty and Sky have been in my prayers all day today. I think I've been on my knees more today than I ever have! When I got word that he was actually in surgery I bawled and my kids thought I was loosing it. I told them why and Carson immediatley wanted to say a prayer for Skylar. It was so cute, he said, "Bless the doctors to know what they gotta do." That brought a smile to my tears.
I was so happy to hear that he got out so soon and from the pics he looks like he's doing okay! May it only be uphill from here!
We will probley be by to see you all tomorrow night!
Love you!

Mike and Rebecca said...

We've been keeping Skylar in our thoughts and prayers, hopefully his recovery continues to go well. If you need anything let us know!

Mike & Family

carolyn q said...

I am hopeful that the night was not to bad and he was able to rest and YOU too. I hope his recovery goes well and I will be checking in on you . .either by phone or hopefully can get up to visit. From your pictures, it looks like you have a wonderful support system.
Carolyn Quigley, IHH