Thursday, December 11, 2008

Surgery Day

So yesterday we went and did skylar's pre op, unfortunatley they did not get enough blood so we were back up to Primary's at 8pm last night. We decided to read books, Sky likes to just destroy the books. Shhh... don't tell..

And then when we arrived today we had to wait FOREVER. Our surgery time bounced from 6am to 12pm to 11am to 1230pm and finally to 4pm. Wow what a roller coaster ride. My poor sky was so tired and hungry it was so hard.

Once pre op finally came we were so relieved, but just to find out that the other surgery was having complications and we would still have four more hours to wait. Please tell that to a nine month old who hasn't eaten since 8am. They finally gave in and let him have a bottle of apple juice, mainly because he was litterally scaring the shit out of the other kids... literally. Think about it :-) That made him happy and he fell asleep for a few hours in the wagon...

The collage below is of sky sleeping in the wagon... what a good sport. I love you baby. My mom, dad, bestie(kaylee) and my hubby were all waiting with me and Sky.

And now came the hard part... saying goodbye. I honestly felt all of the lights dim around me and realized that I really had to let him go. I don't know how I didn't collapse to the floor. Of those of you who know me well... I don't cry, but I bawled when the doctor took my baby.

Well is in surgery right now. He is in the hands of the best and most expensive baby sitters that one can buy. Good luck my love and I will be with you every single minute when you get out. Breathe....
I will try and keep you updated every few hours. Since I have time on my hands.

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