Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Day 2008

What a busy day!!!! We were able to wake up at 8am... I guess we better appreciate that one ha? Pretty soon Sky will be waking us up. We didn't have Kayden Christmas morning, so it was just the three of us. It was kind of nice for me and Ty because we were able to exchange eachothers gifts and have kind of a 1st "our" christmas. Sky didn't really care about the whole thing. He like the wrapping more than the actual presents. The little turd.

Then we went to my dad's where the kids were over spoiled. I don't think that there isn't one toy, outfit, or jammy that they didn't get. It was fun to see them all go wild opening the presents.
Then we went to our house to do Santa gifts with Kayden. I think that this will be the last year we do Santa gifts at our house for Kay when he doesn't sleep there. Santa goes to one house. Not fair to the siblings. But that just means that all of his gifts will be from Daddy and Jennie. Spoiled lil' man!

No we're not done yet! We then went to nana's. We ate yummy dinner, prime rib, opened presents, and played the Wii. It is so funny to watch the boys box. It was such a great Christmas all around. I wish that these kids understood just how lucky they are... Next year we are going to do a sub for santa so the kids can see how good it feels to helps others. And also my mom and I are going to do a Christmas Tree for Festival of Trees in name of Skylar's heart surgery. It will help raise money for Primary Children's. I will also be out of school so that I can put my focus into fun projects like these.

As many of you know, Christmas also dumped snow! So Kayden and Ty came home and shoveled. They had a blast! And yes I decided to lighten up and not worry about Kay getting sick. Although not with sky, he was stuck inside with me. He kept hitting the sliding glass door to go outside. Next year buddy.

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Anonymous said...

WOW Snow! I almost forgot what it looks like!! Well if I were there you bet your sweet a$$ that I would have made the best snowman on the block!
Miss you guys.
Rae Rae