Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sky Update

So tonight my son was just cracking me up so I had to take a few pictures. As you can tell, he was taking a bath. He had mac and cheese for dinner and he was a MESS!!! But he has this new thing where he puckers his lips and breathes really fast and loud through his nose. It really is just the funniest thing ever. I'll have to try and catch it on video. I guess I really haven't done an update lately on sky's development, so to say. He is trying to walk with a walker toy. He actually does pretty good. But since he has mastered crawling, he would much rather just do that. He still hasn't said anything other than mama or huh, but all in time. He has 6 teeth, with more coming. So finally he can eat some real food, which is really nice for us!! He can go up and down stairs. He is so much fun and I love watching him learn new things every day.


Levi and Meg said...

oH I miss lil Sky!! I miss you guys too but he is just so cute!! And Yes I will take all the help you want to give with planning the wedding! I'm not really looking forward to that part. And if you see any kinda cheap town homes for sell let me know!!

Jared said...

hims is so tute!