Monday, March 30, 2009

Radio Flyer

So for Skylar's first birthday, Brandon got Skylar his first radio flyer scoot bike. While I was at work this weekend, Tyler put his bike together. He loves the little thing. Today he got it out all by himself and jumped on. I don't know if it is the scooting part that he likes most, or the bell that he can ring. I think I would have to go with the bell! By the time I got the camera, he was already off. But I still thought the pictures were precious. Also, he is not walking yet. He took five steps yesterday, and a few today, but not full on walking yet. I bet he does it when we're all not looking LOL. Other than that, if he has his fire truck or his tractor walkers, he runs with them across the room. This age is so fun!

Mischief while Mom's at Work...

So I have been working a lot of weekends lately because that is the easiest way to give my mom a break! So I was looking through my camera today and found some pictures that were taken at work. It seems like dad is doing a good job while I'm gone. I thought the picture that caught Skylar in the act of "hitting" Kayden was hilarious! But of course I would never let Sky know that. We are trying to break him of the biting and hitting habit. I kind of feel silly putting a one year old in time our for one minute, or getting mad. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm open.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Random Updates

So I haven't updated my blog in a little bit, and my mom said it's getting boring, so I guess I better shape up and do some updates. So lately I have been super self-conscious about being the best mom that I can be. I've read a few baby books and am actually learning a lot from them. Although I do slip up sometimes. Skylar has been having a really hard time going to sleep lately and when he wakes up in the middle of the night, he wants me to either rock him the rest of the night or bring him into bed with me. I know it's not good to bring him in with you, but honestly.... a woman needs her sleep too!!! So at 7am this morning I brought him in with me. I had to get a picture of it. He looked so sweet. He slept until 9:45am, hallelujah! And woke up so happy. He is so funny in the mornings... I love it.Well I know that you are all always wondering about foxilynn, so I thought I would update you on her :-) I decided to shave her again.... I just can't deal with the hair and she gets so darn hot. I am getting better and better at this grooming thing. And it is saving us a lot of money. Go me! I am still intimidated at the nail trimming, I haven't quite mastered that. Also she is best buds with CoCo, my moms dog. About a month or so ago we put her mom to sleep, she was 17 years old. She just isn't the same without Foxy there. So Foxy has had a lot of sleepovers at nana's.
For St. Patricks day I worked until 3pm. So Skylar spent the day with my friend Megan. She took him to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point. And then that night we had Cole and Stef and the kids over for green pancakes, eggs and juice. It was fun.
Alright I have also learned that my son is ALL boy. He loves to play in the dirt like no ones business. I can't keep him out of it. He is also starting to get scratches on his legs from playing outside. Mom doesn't like that, but I guess I'll have to get used to it. I am such a worry-wart mother. Boys are so fun!
And finally. My mom, taryn and I took the kids swimming a few weekends ago. We went to Dimple Dell. It is such a cute swimming pool, but boy is it cold!!!! My poor little boy turned purple, so we had to leave :-( We went to Mickey D's and got some lunch instead. Sky sure loves his cousins Carson and Rylee. They are great friends. Also thanks nana for getting in the pool, so I didn't have to ha ha. Burrh!

Other than that we are all doing good. We are looking forward to Easter so that we can just get away and enjoy ourselves.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


So yesterday was quite an interesting day. It started out with a bang! Ty woke up and got ready for work. Lucky me, I didn't have to go today. He went and warmed his car up at 6:01am and then went back in the house to grab kayden and leave. He was back out at 6:09am and his truck was gone!!! Of course he loaded it with his wallet, two phones, computer, and prescription sungless(expensive may i add). They didn't know that he had GPS on his truck, so Ty hurry and called his boss to track it. They were up in the parking lot of Liberty Heights apartments behind our house. They unloaded the car for 24 minutes before they abandoned it. The cops, just so you know, have shift change from 5:30-6am, so they took forever to get there. So needless to say, they were gone before they got there. Ty later found his printer and planners in the complex, but nothing else. Damn thieves. I didn't realize how awful those apartments are up there. There is a lot of crime up there. And luck us, they have a rock set up to hop the fence and come through a fenceless yard 5 houses up from us. I just feel very violated. I felt sketchy going out to my car this morning with sky, so I had ty come with me. It just really sucks that people have to violate other peoples property and space. So now we are very careful with our stuff. We keep our garage closed, cars locked, and DO NOT warm our cars up ever again!!! So please learn from our mistakes and misfortune. LOCK UP!!! Because it sucks to have stuff stolen, and sucks even more to have to replace all of your cards, phones, computers, glasses, etc. Peace out.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Best Friends

Alright, so I just wanted to do a post about me and my son. We have decided that we are best friends. We can hang out and do nothing and still have so much fun together. I was off of work yesterday and we just sat home and played. I bought him a cars foam chair and he loves it!!! He watched an entire episode of Little Einsteins sitting in it and eating a sucker. And then he pulled all of the movies off of the rack. I kept putting them back and he would just throw them down again. I remember back to before I had him and sitting home was so dull. Days like this make me realize how incredibly lucky I am to have such a great son. He gives meaning to my life. This sounds kind of corny, but I knew that I would love my baby, but I never imagined that I would love him this much. He's definately a joy. He is also a very lovey little boy. He is constantly hugging you and laying his head on your. It's pretty special.

Monday, March 9, 2009

FoxiLynn is SeVeN!!!

I can't believe that my little pomeranian Foxilynn Sanchez is 7!!! I got her when I was a junior in high school living out at my dad's. Boy we've moved a lot, but she has always been my baby. She's definately a great companion and helped me get through a lot of hard times. She isn't too fond of Skylar, gosh I can't figure out why LOL. I caught a pic right when she got mad at him. It was hilarious!!! She wouldn't ever bite him. It's like sibling rivalry. Happy birthday baby, hope you enjoy your raw hide!!! I'm such a dork.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Skylar's First Birthday Party

For Skylar's first birthday, I wanted to do something that he would enjoy and that would accomodate a lot of people. So, may I add 3 months in advance, reserved the Cottonwood Heights Rec Center Splash Zone. It is their kiddie pool that has slides etc. I think that everyone had a great time. We got him an awesome Little Einsteins cake and my cute dad made him a Little Einsteins banner. I think that if Skylar could remember it, he would say it was fun.
It took Skylar a minute to realize what we were letting him do, but then he got it, and made a MESS!!! We had to finally take the cake away because I was afraid he was going to get sick.

Lots of both sides of the family showed up. I think that we had a great turn out. But of course it couldn't be free of incident. Poor Gram and Papi's truck broke down and they didn't make it until the very end. But the important part is that they made it.
Lots of our friends also came. Unfortuneatley lucky ones missed their snap-shot. Oh well, we know who they were :-)
Overall I think that it was a great party. I may be cut out for this mommy thing after all. All I know is that it is way fun learning and seeing him grow.

We didn't open presents at the pool because everyone was swimming and because, Mommy didn't feel like opening them all. Skylar was pretty pooped from his day, so we opened them later that night. They were all pretty cool. Although Daddy and Brandon won the present prize. He loves his 4 Wheeler and Radio Flyer. The little turd. He's going to be just like his brother.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Skylar's Birthday is Today!!!

So today has been pretty uneventful. My entire household is very very sick. We have had the cough, runny nose, and dizzy/weak symptoms. I'm so glad it was his first birthday, because he was content with laying on the couch and watching Little Einsteins all day. We also made a cake and he loved licking the beaters. And then later we went to my mom's house for stuffed peppers and cake!!! Yumm. We were all sick so we all hung out together. I can't believe that he is one!!!