Monday, March 30, 2009

Radio Flyer

So for Skylar's first birthday, Brandon got Skylar his first radio flyer scoot bike. While I was at work this weekend, Tyler put his bike together. He loves the little thing. Today he got it out all by himself and jumped on. I don't know if it is the scooting part that he likes most, or the bell that he can ring. I think I would have to go with the bell! By the time I got the camera, he was already off. But I still thought the pictures were precious. Also, he is not walking yet. He took five steps yesterday, and a few today, but not full on walking yet. I bet he does it when we're all not looking LOL. Other than that, if he has his fire truck or his tractor walkers, he runs with them across the room. This age is so fun!


Taryn said...

So dang cute! I bet he'll be walking in no time now!

Morgan Family said...

I love his little Radio Flyer, how fun!