Saturday, March 7, 2009

Skylar's First Birthday Party

For Skylar's first birthday, I wanted to do something that he would enjoy and that would accomodate a lot of people. So, may I add 3 months in advance, reserved the Cottonwood Heights Rec Center Splash Zone. It is their kiddie pool that has slides etc. I think that everyone had a great time. We got him an awesome Little Einsteins cake and my cute dad made him a Little Einsteins banner. I think that if Skylar could remember it, he would say it was fun.
It took Skylar a minute to realize what we were letting him do, but then he got it, and made a MESS!!! We had to finally take the cake away because I was afraid he was going to get sick.

Lots of both sides of the family showed up. I think that we had a great turn out. But of course it couldn't be free of incident. Poor Gram and Papi's truck broke down and they didn't make it until the very end. But the important part is that they made it.
Lots of our friends also came. Unfortuneatley lucky ones missed their snap-shot. Oh well, we know who they were :-)
Overall I think that it was a great party. I may be cut out for this mommy thing after all. All I know is that it is way fun learning and seeing him grow.

We didn't open presents at the pool because everyone was swimming and because, Mommy didn't feel like opening them all. Skylar was pretty pooped from his day, so we opened them later that night. They were all pretty cool. Although Daddy and Brandon won the present prize. He loves his 4 Wheeler and Radio Flyer. The little turd. He's going to be just like his brother.

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