Thursday, March 19, 2009


So yesterday was quite an interesting day. It started out with a bang! Ty woke up and got ready for work. Lucky me, I didn't have to go today. He went and warmed his car up at 6:01am and then went back in the house to grab kayden and leave. He was back out at 6:09am and his truck was gone!!! Of course he loaded it with his wallet, two phones, computer, and prescription sungless(expensive may i add). They didn't know that he had GPS on his truck, so Ty hurry and called his boss to track it. They were up in the parking lot of Liberty Heights apartments behind our house. They unloaded the car for 24 minutes before they abandoned it. The cops, just so you know, have shift change from 5:30-6am, so they took forever to get there. So needless to say, they were gone before they got there. Ty later found his printer and planners in the complex, but nothing else. Damn thieves. I didn't realize how awful those apartments are up there. There is a lot of crime up there. And luck us, they have a rock set up to hop the fence and come through a fenceless yard 5 houses up from us. I just feel very violated. I felt sketchy going out to my car this morning with sky, so I had ty come with me. It just really sucks that people have to violate other peoples property and space. So now we are very careful with our stuff. We keep our garage closed, cars locked, and DO NOT warm our cars up ever again!!! So please learn from our mistakes and misfortune. LOCK UP!!! Because it sucks to have stuff stolen, and sucks even more to have to replace all of your cards, phones, computers, glasses, etc. Peace out.


Taryn said...

oh my gosh! Sorry to hear that! that sucks so bad! I hope they don't rack up credit card bills etc!

Christina said...

Yikes! Thanks for the warning. I am sorry you are having to deal with all the stolen stuff, what a pain!