Monday, April 27, 2009

April Birthdays

Well yesterday we had quite the party. We celebrated 3 birthdays. Tyler turned 26, Cole turned 28 and Michole turned 24. We decided to do a joint party at the park with volleyball and ice blocking, but the weather permitted us from doing that, so we decided to switch it last minute to our house. I think that everything came together pretty great though. We had an awesome turnout, about 60 or so people. I don't think that I have ever had that many people in my house at one time... ever! It was good times though. I hope they had a great birthday because they had a lot of people there that loved them. Mwah!

We also had a teenage mutant ninja turtle cake with custard and frest strawberries. It really is to die for. It is also tradition for my family to get it on birthdays. Yum. The sucker seriously weighed 30 pounds and I am NOT exagerrating.

Thanks to everyone who came out. You really made it a fun birthday party. Remember we are having a repeat next week for ME!!! And no I am not sharing the spotlight with anyone. ha ha. It's my graduation. La La La La Yeah!

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Taryn said...

Happy Bird-day to Tyler LOL!!