Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Dunes

Well this year for Easter weekend we went to White Sands to ride our four-wheelers. Friday was extremely warm. In fact, we had to hang out in our friends camper just to stay cool. Kayden decided to stay riding though. I kid you not, that kid road his four-wheeler from 8am until 7pm. He stopped twice to stuff his mouth, and then off he went again. We also got skylar a helmet and he loved riding around camp. What a stud!
Besides Skylar going on small rides, he LOVED playing in the sand. He would scoot backwards down "flat" hills. It was hilarious. In his head he thought they were steep like stairs. Kayden also showed us that he could do Brody's. He is better on a four-wheeler than I am. Although, to my defense, he has been riding them longer. He even road a 250cc in the dunes, which we were not too thrilled about, but our friend Scott let him before we were aware of it. Not again! Too dangerous, but I'll admit he handled it well.
Finally that night we made hobo dinners. YUM! I never thought that I would say that, but they're my fave. We also roasted some marshmallows and made smores. They were really really yummy! Can I just say that I love camping with family and our best friends Mickey and Jared. We had a good time together, too bad we had others that shared the campground that made our trip a day short. Oh well, what time we did have was great.

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Jared said...

i had soooooo much fun! I can't wait til next time. Much love you guys!