Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Fear of Connection

I have an assignment this week that has me analyze a poem.... What initial understanding do you have of this poem after you read it? I'll post my response after I hear yours. I don't want to influence any thoughts.... just do it!

The spirit within connects us all, but the thought of that scares me because if it is so, I can no longer blame you for the things that trouble me so.

If could almost imply that I am part of the things that annoy me the most. It could almost imply that I am the cause of those things you do that upset me.

To think that you are a reflection of me causes distress I cannot bear. I do not do the things you do; I do not say the things that you say; How could all if us be connected?

But if it is so, then what should I do to change the things around me? It calls me to change the world that I see by changing not you, but what’s inside me.

By Bonnie Wesorick

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