Monday, April 20, 2009

The Sand Dunes... Again!

Well I think that it is safe to say that this weekend at the sand dunes was so much better than last. We really wish that Mickey and Jared could have made it out, but we still had a lot of great friends there with us. We got there Friday night and just hung out by the fire. Boy was it cold... burrrrr!!! Our friend Steve put on some jams, and I wish I had my video camera, because Skylar was jamming out. It was hilarious. Saturday was pretty fun. Chantell, Andy, Logan, Dayton, Heather, Kaylee and Dayne all showed up. It was time to ride! Kaylee and Dayne had never been to the dunes before so it was all new to them. I think that they had a really good time. Kaylee was a lot more brave than I was with her first ride. Yikes!
Other friends that were there were Cole and Stef and their kids, brandon, steve, and Cj. I think my favorite part of camping is just hanging out with nowhere to be.

Saturday night was when the crazies came out... Ha ha. We put all of the kids to bed and had some adult interaction, which can be really nice from time to time. Sometimes i think that I may forget how to hold a conversation that consists of more than "huh?", "baba", "a-boo!", etc. LOL.

Needless to say the next day we were all actually feeling pretty good. We woke up, made breakfast burritos, went on a few rides, and soaked up the rays from the sun. Tyler got a little too much sun on his arms, as did I on my lips and face.

All in all, it was an excellent trip. We have really great friends that really mean a lot to us. Thanks guys, we love ya!

Oh yeah. This was also Kayden's weekend with his mom, but he decided to come and visit our camp quite often to come and play with the kids. P.S. Sorry guys, Kaylee is off the market... I think for good too :-) yeah! And we like the taker ha ha.

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Heather and Kade Scott said...

We had so much FUN!!! We need to do it again!Love the pics!