Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mother's Day

I guess we can say that the night before we celebrated with our friends, not really, but I have some pictures to share. We had some of our friends over for a barbecue, 3 weeks in a row, I know. We really are going to take a break. We've got some great friends, hope you like the pics. The actual day:
So anyways, I know that this post is a few days late, but I still wanted to do it. AND I really didn't take any pictures, weird... I know! I was a slackin' Anywho, Mother's day was really good this year. This was my 2nd mother's day and my family really did make me feel loved and appreciated. We started off at my dad's house for breakfast, where unfortunately we had a bad doggie experience. Rex attacked my step-sisters little puppy and cut its eye. I felt so bad. Rex, Rex, Rex... Luckily Tucker is okay and we put some neosporin on him, sorry bud.
Later we went to my mom's for dinner where we had my chocolate foutain going again. It was so so yummy, but some of us got a tummy ache later. RY RY was not affected though :-) Well let's end this post with saying that I have a lot of great women in my life. Taryn had put this on her post and gave me the idea to also do it on mine. I just want to tell you all thank you for helping me become a mother and thank you for being such great influential women in my life. Know that I think you all are great and tjat I learn a lot from you. Loves.

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