Tuesday, May 26, 2009

San Diego May 2009

So for Memorial Day weekend we decided to be spontaneous and go to San Diego to visit Tyler's family. With my mom and brother on a cruise, the babysitters were scarce, so we packed up and left. It was such a great trip. The first night Rae, tyler's sister, had to work, so we took his mom down to Ocean Beach, which was about 5 minutes from Rae's house. It was really beautiful. I guess the peir in the background is the 2nd longest in the country or something. The next day we went to LegoLand. It was... well... intersting. Everything was made out of lego's basically. There was a really cool part, the heart of Lego Land that showed all of the big cities made out of lego's. It was actually very impressive. There was Vegas, New Orleans, New York, Georgetown, etc... OH!!! and SLC... ha ha just kidding. That would be cool to see a temple out of legos though, I must admit. So if you are wondering if we recommend LegoLand... no we don't. It was pretty boring and expensive!

The next stop on our trip was a night of some sight seeing. We went to Coronado Island and walked out on the dock and then drove to downtown San Diego to look at a huge war ship that they have turned into a museum. There was a statue of a nurse and a sailor kissing that Ty and I had to re-inact. It was pretty cool there. I would have to admit that I would LOVE to move there.

We liked the sight seeing so much that we spent the entire next day goin to see places. We started off at Cabrillo National Monument, which is where the european settlers first landed. This is also a huge military base and home of a huge military cemetary. The cemetary was cool to see on memorial weekend because there were literally thousands of gravestones and each one had an American flag on it. From this monument you could also see Mexican islands... that is how close we were to the border. I didn't want to get too close, they may not let me leave ha ha!

We ended our day at Mission Beach, which is just next to Ocean Beach and hung out with Tyler's uncle brian and his friends. And later that night Tyler's family came over. His Grandpa, step-grandma, Uncle brian, Younger Aunt Amanda. Debbie didn't make it because she was ill.
Our last day we went to Seal Beach. This is a beach that has a bunch of seals... go figure. It was neat to see the seals, but it kind of stunk there. LOL. But another neat place to see. I think that Tyler has turned me into a sight see'er. I really enjoyed the entire trip.Since Debbie was sick on Saturday night, we had to make sure that we stopped by her house before we left. It is craziness there. They have 14 cats, 2 dogs, and about 20 birds.... not exaggerating. But the kids loved seeing all of the animals, and of course their grandma.
The last night we stayed in Mesquite because we were exhausted to say the least. We woke up and swam and then drove home. We are doing this again in September, although that time with my family in Newport!!!! yaya

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Taryn said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful time! We missed you! Can't wait for Newport...let the countdown begin!