Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day

Father's day this year was just like any other. We started off at my dad's house and had some good breakfast. My dad has just recently remodeled his basement and put darts and a pool table down there. So now all the guys do is battle it out. My dad is pretty much unbeatable on the pool table... but let me just say that I did beat him in darts. Ha ha ha. It was fun. I think everyone really enjoys going out there. After all... he is grandpa gary. Happy Father's day pops! You're a great father... and an even greater grandpa. We love ya.

And then later that day we went to my brothers house for yummy dessert. We had better than sex cake and a yummy grasshopper ice cream pie. Believe me... I didn't need that. We gave Pop his presents and then headed on home. I have to give phil a shout out too... you are a great step-father, father-in-law and grandpa. We love you to pieces too :-)

And last but not least... ALL day we celebrated tyler being a father. I really got lucky on this one. He is so great to these boys. He may be a little too soft hearted some times, but really, I think that he always does what he feels is right. We love you Tyler and are so happy that we have you as a part of our family. Hugs and kisses....

A fun-filled busy DAY!

Like I said... I'm a little behind on this blogging thing.
So last week... or the week before, My mom and I took the kids to Jungle Jim's and then Liberty Park. Taryn was there, but then had to leave for other things. I thought that Liberty Park was the highlight of the day, but then again that is my favorite park to take the kids. Carson and Rylee have never been there before so they thought that it was pretty cool. You get a little bit of wild life, the fair, and a huge playground all at one place... not to mention the 1$ sno cones there too. We had a pretty good day. Skylar would probably say that his favorite was sitting on mom's lap and swinging. Okay okay, that was mom's favorite, but I bet he liked it. The kids had a lot of fun and so did I. I think that hanging out with a bunch of kids almost lets you be a kid again to. The life of no worries... got to love it.

Like brother.... like brother.

Now that Skylar is getting older, we can really see how much kayden and skylar are really alike. I think that skylar thinks that kayden is just about the coolest thing that has ever walked the face of this earth. To hear skylar yell kayden's name... or at least what we think is kayden's name... is just about the cutest thing. He wants to be right by his side all the time.

A week or so ago we decided to get out the 4-wheeler. Big brother wanted to take sky on a ride and show him what the 4 wheeling life is all about. Of course we put it on the grass... that's all we need is sky getting another bonk somewhere on him. He was laughing and loved every minute. Looks like I have to boys that are ALL boys!

Off to 1st Grade...

So I decided that I am EXTREMELY behind on updating my blog. Ever since I graduated from school, I really have no reason to get on my computer at home. So let's throw a few updates out there...

A few weeks ago we went to Kaydens elementary to watch him graduate from kindergarten! Yay. He has done so great this year and we are so so proud of him. He has had many girlfriends and even got in trouble for a girl kissing him... ha ha. Not to mention, he has learned all of his letters, his seasons, how to read small words, and lets not forget.... well I'm sure I'm forgetting a lot. Those little turds stay pretty busy in school.

SO next year we start the grades... first grade! We know that he will just sail on through it...