Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A fun-filled busy DAY!

Like I said... I'm a little behind on this blogging thing.
So last week... or the week before, My mom and I took the kids to Jungle Jim's and then Liberty Park. Taryn was there, but then had to leave for other things. I thought that Liberty Park was the highlight of the day, but then again that is my favorite park to take the kids. Carson and Rylee have never been there before so they thought that it was pretty cool. You get a little bit of wild life, the fair, and a huge playground all at one place... not to mention the 1$ sno cones there too. We had a pretty good day. Skylar would probably say that his favorite was sitting on mom's lap and swinging. Okay okay, that was mom's favorite, but I bet he liked it. The kids had a lot of fun and so did I. I think that hanging out with a bunch of kids almost lets you be a kid again to. The life of no worries... got to love it.

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