Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sports... Sports... Sports

So this Fall is going to be SO SO busy for our little man Kayden. He has been signed up to do baseball and flag football. His baseball falls on Monday, Wednesday and Saturdays. And his football falls on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays. Let's just say that it is busy for everyone... and unfortunately we are unable to make it to all of his games. Which really makes me sad, because I always said I would never miss my kids stuff, but when its 5-6 days a week, you really have no choice. Anywho. He is really doing a good job. I have gone to a football game and I think he really enjoys it. He can stay involved constantly and doesn't have to sit around and wait his turn. He'll be really good if he sticks with it. The biggest thing we are working on is running the right direction LOL. Baseball he is also doing really well. He is the smallest guy on the team and it's his first year, so there is a lot to learn. But he tries his best and puts his all in it. It's really quite cute to see him grow up and start to get involved in team sports. I think that they are important to keep kids out of trouble and to meet good friends. There are 7 more weeks of chaos... so wish us all luck, but mostly Kayden.

Update On Our Little Girl

So last Wednesday I had my ultrasound with the doctor's office. I was so nervous that I was going to go and they were going to say it was a boy. That would have been fine, but we have gotten ourselves so excited for a girl. Well they didnt, she is definately a girl.... And everything checks out. She has fingers, toes, healthy heart, brain, spinal cord, etc. I think that I could even tell that she has my sloped nose. I can't wait to meet her... and I know that tyler is even more excited than me. Today he went to the store and bought her an outfit, jammies, and a blanket. He was never this excited for his little boy... I think that this little girl is going to make his heart melt. Other cute things that he does is say bye to her, rubs my tummy in the mornings and always ask me "are you excited?" His excitement makes my excitement even higher. I can't wait to bring her home... okay I can. Because I still want some alone time with my baby boy for a little longer.

New Port Beach Vacation '09

So a few weeks ago... yeah I am a procrastinator at blogging lately.... we went to Newport Beach California with my mom's side of the family. It is our 2nd year going and we hope to have many more. We left on a Saturday and didn't get home until the following Sunday, so it was plenty long. We were able to do a lot of fun things this year. We did less theme parks this year, because last year was a little chaotic. We went to Knottsberry Farm for the first time and that was a blast for everyone.... but me. It was fun seeing everyone ride the rides... but I wanted to ride too. Instead I stayed off the rides and kept brewing us a baby girl. Next year. The other theme park we did... of course was DISNEYLAND! That one is my favorite because my baby... well both babies can ride almost all of the rides. Sky really liked the Dumbo ride. It is so fun to see him having fun. Tyler and Kayden were off riding bigger and scarier rides. I believe they enjoyed Indiana Jones... Splash Mountain... and I can't remember other names. Oh and P.S. Me and Sky went and saw Little Einsteins live... he thought it was the coolest thing ever! Aside from going to theme parks we went to Laguna Beach. Here we basked in the sun, swam in the ocean, and did a little shopping. It's nice to see an ocean for a change. Although I don't like to swim in them... yuck! They make you stinky, sticky and dirty... and not to mention your hair goes gross. But of course the boys liked it (tyler and kayden). Other than that, we just hung out at the resort. And when I say just hung out, there is a basketball court, sand box, playground, swimming pool, hottub, life size chess, gym, and arcade to name a few. It was a great vacation. Thanks nana and pop!

Monday, September 7, 2009

It's a Girl!!!

We went back to fetal fotos today and got the great amazing news. It's a girl!!!!! I can't even tell you how excited we are. I already have plans to buy flowers and bows and paint her nails... and yes I don't care what some people think... I'm getting her ears pierced with tiny little diamonds. I have always had my ears pierced and I think little girls look so cute. Tyler I think was in shock. He has two boys... so a girl is going to be quite an adventure for him. One of the first things he said was "You are going to have to change the diapers." LOL. I think he is afraid of girlie parts, guess he is going to have to get over that. Well I can't wait for her to get here. Anywho. Here are some pictures.

Our Precious Bun in the Oven...

So we went to Fetal Fotos on Saturday... but no luck on finding out the gender. My sweet baby is just like its mother.... modest LOL! It has already proven to be a lot like Skylar... a mover. The problem wasn't getting the baby to move, it was getting it to open its legs. But good news... The heart is beating and there are 10 fingers and toes and 2 arms and 2 legs... of course connected to a body with a head and neck. I felt like a little bad that my mom, pop, kaylee, the boys and tyler all came and we didn't find out the gender.... BUT we are going back and 1130 today to try again. So what am I doing to prepare? Well I am up and about, ate a good breakfast (lucky charms and toast= lots of sugar for movement), and I am going to drink a glass of OJ just before the appt. So this baby is going to bouncing off the walls and won't be able to keep its legs shut. LOL. Well I'll let you know how it goes... wish us luck. Here are a few ultrasound pics of our new addition...