Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Thriller with the Girls

Last night I went out with the girls to see Thriller put on by Odyssey Dance Theatre at Kingsbury Hall. Can I just say, What a fun night! We started off at the Pie, which doesn't always cooperate with my tummy and then went to the show. It was pretty funny how they had scary people walking around the theatre and my friend Stacey was freaking out. She would cover her face and they would come and target her of course. I think even one of them sniffed her hair. LOL. The show was great. We said we were students and got 2 for 1, so got the 45 dollar seats and paid less than what we were planning on. So great deal. All of the dances were so fun and even the improv's in between were funny. We all had fun, but I think my baby had the most because she was dancing the entire time in my belly. Well the show is on until October 31st, so I suggest you go see it. Here is the link to watch their promotional video.... Click on the play sign to watch the video. It actually is a great preview to the show.

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