Wednesday, November 4, 2009

20 Months Old!

I can't even believe that my baby is 20 months old!!! Where did the time go? He has been so much fun since the day he was born. We went to the OB doctor appt today and got to hear our little girls heartbeat and everything is going good. I remember going to all of the doctors appointments for him, wondering what he was going to be like or look like... and now I know. I know that 3 1/2 months seems far away now, but before you know it... I'm going to be doing our little girls 20 month old post. I'm trying to soak up as much of every single moment as I can. Sky is talking so much more everyday. And yes there are actually words that I understand. His two newest words are "dank-ooo" = thank you. and "Bayyyyy-B" =baby. He can also say I don't know, mama, dada, nana, baba (bottle), candy (thanks to halloween), uh-uh (no), and of course YEAH! Every morning he wakes up screaming to get out of his crib or screaming MAMA! Then he gets up, grabs a pair of shoes, and we go down stairs to have a bottle of milk and a bowl of cereal. He is also obsessed with brushing his teeth and doing his own hair. What else? So far his favorite toy is his pony and cowboy hat. He rides it at least once a day and always wears his cowboy hat sideways and pulls it down as far as it will go so that he has to tilt his head to see. He seriously has so much personality and is so fun to have around. I can't imagine life without him and cannot wait to see him and his little sister together. Seriously feel blessed...

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

This year for Halloween we went to Adam and Taryn's again so that the kids could go trick or treating together. This was our year to have Kayden, so he was also able to go. Skylar was a sailor, Kayden was a GI Joe, Carson was a Power Ranger, and Rylee was a bee. They were all super cute. Me and Ty also dressed up as a Geisha and a Scary Butcher. And Adam and Taryn dressed up as their classic scary clowns. It was a fun night. The kids passed out in the car on the ride home and that gave me and Ty the opportunity to watch a scary movie together. We watched Friday the 13th 2009. It was good. I actually went to bed scared and asked tyler to go get my phone charger downstairs. Of course he called me a baby, I called him a choice name, and I built up the courage to go get it myself. He's the man of the house. This requires him to kill spiders, lock doors at night, check out scary noises in the house, and GET ME MY PHONE CHARGER WHEN I AM TOO SCARED TO MYSELF! Goodness, obviously he didn't read the rule book. I guess we have to work on this. :-) All in all... a good Halloween. Oh I forgot to mention how hilarious it was to watch Skylar try and keep up with the big kids running from house to house. If he asks, it wasn't me that told you all that he kept eating it every so many steps. He kept saying "Feet don't fail me now, Feet don't fail me now!"