Friday, January 22, 2010

Baby Aaliyah is HERE!!!

So I'm lying in bed yesterday after making Skylar breakfast and after showering... And I was thinking to myself "I wonder what baby Aaliyah's birth story is going to be". Well lo and behold... I felt wet all of a sudden. I didn't cough, sneeze or anything else. Believe me, by this time in the pregnancy I know what it feels like to pee my pants. LOL. So I get up, with a super adrenaline rush and call my mom. I said... "I think my water just broke!" Of course in the back of my mind I think that I am over-exaggerating, that is why I called mom first. Tyler might not believe me LOL. So she said she would come get me and take me to the hospital to get checked. So I decided to get all ready before we go and more and more water keeps coming. So we take Skylar to Auntie Taryn and go to Riverton Hospital. They admitted me right away and got me all settled. As the contractions got worse and worse, I started to cry. They anaesthesiologist came in and placed the epidural, which for me was such a bitter sweet experience. Epidurals just scare me and on top of it all, he had me in the worse position. I had the bottom of my feet touching and I was slouched over. I had snotsicles coming out of the nose and I was drooling. My loving husband just kept wiping them away and said so sincerely "I love you, this part will all be over soon" I really got a good one you know. After the epidural was placed, I was good to go. My doctor was doing hysterectomies at St. Marks so I didn't think that he was going to make it. I was dilated to a 10 and the baby was on her way out. We decided to wait the 1 hour for my doc and he got there right in time. I pushed once and she was out. She is so precious and I feel so blessed to have her here early, and most importantly healthy. Love my little girl. I will post more pictures later.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year's Eve 2009

This was quite the uneventful New Year's Eve this year. Between skylar not napping all day, Me being 8 months pregnant, and kayden and Tyler also tired, we weren't quite the exciting crowd. But that is okay. The kids were exhausted by nine o'clock so we decided to trick them with New York's countdown on the news and pretended it was midnight. They went and laid down shortly after and were OUT!!! Then all Ty and I did was watch the countdown on tv, give eachother a New Years smooch and we went to bed. See... pretty uneventful.

I worked New Year's Day, so Tyler took the boys sledding. He was a good boy and took lots of pictures for me. It looks like they really had fun.

Christmas 2009

Well 2009 proved to be a very spoiled year for all of the boys in the Sorensen household. Santa brought both of the boys their very own four wheeler!!! Skylar was ecstatic. Kayden was more excited over daddy's present, a Play Station 3. His expression in the top right picture tells it all. We thought he was seriously going to pee his pants when he unwrapped it. They were very spoiled, but it was so fun watching them get their presents.
We then got up that morning and went to my dad's house.... where they were spoiled again. These kids have it so good and don't even realize it. We had breakfast, opened presents and then, unfortunately... bounced. Kayden had to get to his mom's so we went home and played with all of our new stuff.... after a nice nap of course. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for everything.

Here is skylar for the first time riding his 4-wheeler. He get's the gas part and the turbo part, but not the steering yet. I was actually really surprised how well he did. He will be just like his brother on a bike before you know it.
And then later that night we went to nana and pop's for yummy dinner and presents again. The big kids all played the new wii games and i played with my son and his cool new little people car set. I don't even know where to put all of these toys that these kids got. I guess we'll have to figure something out. Oh and ty and i got a big screen for our bedroom!!! So excited about that one. Now we have more than one hang out area in our house... no kids allowed!!! ha ha, yeah right.
It was a great Christmas all together. Next year we will have 3 little turds to celebrate with. Can't wait!

Christmas Eve 2009

This was a busy Christmas Eve.... WOW! I was talking with my mom and phil about Skylar not seeing Santa this year and they made me feel really guilty for not taking him. Luckily we had to go to the grocery store... and guess who was there? SANTA!!! So we had to take a picture with him. Skylar wasn't even scared of him, he just wanted the dang candy cane out of his pack. And yes I am glad that I have this picture now.
Every year I try and make gingerbread houses with the kids, and this year I almost skipped out on the tradition. Luckily my husband walked out of the grocery store with two kits for the boys to do. I think this pregnancy has made me a little lazy and I the boys almost missed out. This year was fun because skylar could actually put candy on his own house. Of course OCD mom had to help... Ooops. And Kayden did a great job on his too. THe boys are growing up so so fast. And I have to admit... kayden is an excellent big brother. He shared all of his candy, didn't get mad, and even made sure he helped him.

The last part of the night we went to my brother's house to have our traditional Christmas Eve pizza and we also let the kids open their presents to eachother since Kayden wouldn't be there on Christmas night. Then the last stop was Grandpa Gary's Christmas party. We kind of got there at the tail end, so we let the kids much some food, get in their Xmas jammies and then we went home to finish up the night.
AND FINALLY... the end of the night. We came home, made Santa cookies and cut up carrots for the reindeer. We wrote Santa a note to thank him for all of the presents he would be dropping off and then read Twas the Night Before Christmas that Grandma Debbie sent us. It is pretty neat, her voice is recorded so she actually read it to them. They loved it. Then brusha brusha of the teeth and goodnight!!!! Oh the best part about bedtime was (another example of Kayden being a great brother) how Kayden helped his brother go to sleep. We have the big boy bed and the crib in Skylar's room right now, so Kayden asked to sleep with his big brother. Of course we agreed being Christmas and all. Skylar was screaming and crying when I left the room and I told Kay he didn't have to stay in there. I shut the door and me and Ty sat outside the door for a minute. Kayden told him he would get any boogy monsters if they came and gave him one of his stuffed animals to sleep with. He also told Sky that they had to go to sleep for Santa to come. A few minutes later Sky was calmed down and they were asleep. It was really a precious moment.

Gram and Papi's Christmas

Every year we are so lucky to go down to Scipio and spend time with Tyler's family for Christmas celebrations. It is the weekend before, so it makes the run-around much easier on Christmas day. We all get together, have good eats, and then open presents. Although I have to say that I love get re-stocked on my chapstick each year from the goody basket. The kids were well taken care of. Kayden got a remote control car and a nerf dart gun. Skylar got a little einsteins piano and a hammer/nail toy. And then they both got a sleeping bag blanket with their names embroidered on it. Spoiled little guys. It was super fun and we always love seeing his family.

Friend Christmas Party

This year we had a surprise visit from Tyler's sister Rachael, so we decided to do a friend Christmas party last minute. We had a good turn out and had a good time. Sorry I'm behind on blogging...