Friday, January 22, 2010

Baby Aaliyah is HERE!!!

So I'm lying in bed yesterday after making Skylar breakfast and after showering... And I was thinking to myself "I wonder what baby Aaliyah's birth story is going to be". Well lo and behold... I felt wet all of a sudden. I didn't cough, sneeze or anything else. Believe me, by this time in the pregnancy I know what it feels like to pee my pants. LOL. So I get up, with a super adrenaline rush and call my mom. I said... "I think my water just broke!" Of course in the back of my mind I think that I am over-exaggerating, that is why I called mom first. Tyler might not believe me LOL. So she said she would come get me and take me to the hospital to get checked. So I decided to get all ready before we go and more and more water keeps coming. So we take Skylar to Auntie Taryn and go to Riverton Hospital. They admitted me right away and got me all settled. As the contractions got worse and worse, I started to cry. They anaesthesiologist came in and placed the epidural, which for me was such a bitter sweet experience. Epidurals just scare me and on top of it all, he had me in the worse position. I had the bottom of my feet touching and I was slouched over. I had snotsicles coming out of the nose and I was drooling. My loving husband just kept wiping them away and said so sincerely "I love you, this part will all be over soon" I really got a good one you know. After the epidural was placed, I was good to go. My doctor was doing hysterectomies at St. Marks so I didn't think that he was going to make it. I was dilated to a 10 and the baby was on her way out. We decided to wait the 1 hour for my doc and he got there right in time. I pushed once and she was out. She is so precious and I feel so blessed to have her here early, and most importantly healthy. Love my little girl. I will post more pictures later.


Pamela said...

Oh my gosh she is just the most precious thing! I am more than jealous how you did half a push...shit man I was freakin in labor for months! Pushed forever! Damn. Im so happy I got to meet her.

Penny and Chris Dent said...

Congrats! She is adorable. How big was she?