Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas 2009

Well 2009 proved to be a very spoiled year for all of the boys in the Sorensen household. Santa brought both of the boys their very own four wheeler!!! Skylar was ecstatic. Kayden was more excited over daddy's present, a Play Station 3. His expression in the top right picture tells it all. We thought he was seriously going to pee his pants when he unwrapped it. They were very spoiled, but it was so fun watching them get their presents.
We then got up that morning and went to my dad's house.... where they were spoiled again. These kids have it so good and don't even realize it. We had breakfast, opened presents and then, unfortunately... bounced. Kayden had to get to his mom's so we went home and played with all of our new stuff.... after a nice nap of course. Thanks Grandma and Grandpa for everything.

Here is skylar for the first time riding his 4-wheeler. He get's the gas part and the turbo part, but not the steering yet. I was actually really surprised how well he did. He will be just like his brother on a bike before you know it.
And then later that night we went to nana and pop's for yummy dinner and presents again. The big kids all played the new wii games and i played with my son and his cool new little people car set. I don't even know where to put all of these toys that these kids got. I guess we'll have to figure something out. Oh and ty and i got a big screen for our bedroom!!! So excited about that one. Now we have more than one hang out area in our house... no kids allowed!!! ha ha, yeah right.
It was a great Christmas all together. Next year we will have 3 little turds to celebrate with. Can't wait!

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