Thursday, February 11, 2010

Aaliyah's Newborn Pictures

My friend from work, Kim, approached me a few months ago about taking my baby's pictures after she was born. She is learning photography, so I said why not? I just didn't realize how good she was until I got my pictures back. Good job Kim. You are doing great.
We started out with the tutu pic's. I made Aaliyah this brown and pink tutu and she hated it. It was itchy and cold. But I loved the pics.

They were all so precious.

I love this scrabble name that she does. So cute.

And that's all folks. I had to do the wedding rings again. I just loved it when I did them with Sky. Thanks Kim again. I think that you will do very good in photography. PS, her link is to the left if you wish to have her do pictures for you.