Thursday, February 11, 2010

Aaliyah's Newborn Pictures

My friend from work, Kim, approached me a few months ago about taking my baby's pictures after she was born. She is learning photography, so I said why not? I just didn't realize how good she was until I got my pictures back. Good job Kim. You are doing great.
We started out with the tutu pic's. I made Aaliyah this brown and pink tutu and she hated it. It was itchy and cold. But I loved the pics.

They were all so precious.

I love this scrabble name that she does. So cute.

And that's all folks. I had to do the wedding rings again. I just loved it when I did them with Sky. Thanks Kim again. I think that you will do very good in photography. PS, her link is to the left if you wish to have her do pictures for you.


Taryn said...

Cute pics and way cute props too!She's a doll!

So you decided to go public again?

SoRenSen FaMiLy said...

I guess. I had quite a few friends that couldn't view it. Hopefully the creepies will stay away :-)

Chad and Beth said...

Ha. I've blog stalked you now! You can blog stalk me if you want to as well:).The pics are so cute. Don't you just love there perfect little bodies. Hope you're doing well with two kids. I can't even think about have multiple kids right now. Yikes!

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